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The duplex villa is located on the land of 398 m2 in the Ermenek neighborhood of Muratpaşa district which is one of the developing centers of Antalya , and will be built by Modern-İş
Consturction Co. by modern construction applications.
The project has a striking beauty with its landscape applications, swimming pool and facade cladding.
The duplex villa which will be constructed in ultra luxury standards offers a living space and investment opportunity with its living area of 200 m2, its own garden, pool and car park.
Considering the location and architecture of our villa, it has a structure which is not precedent in the environment.
Villa Modern Lara is centrally located, 10 km from Antalya Airport, 5 km from Lara beaches, 9 km from Muratpaşa Municipality and 9 km from Terracity Shopping Mall.
Villa Modern Lara consists of 4 rooms, living room, kitchen, wc, en-suite bathroom, dressing room, guest bathroom, cloakroom, wc, shared bathroom, 2 halls, doorway, 1 front balcony.
There are 200 m2 closed usage area. The pool will be 24 m2 and the front garden terrace will be 19 m2.

Technical Details

• Water and heat insulation will be made on the roof terrace.
• The entrance of the villas, stair steps and landings will be made of marble.
• Villa entrance door will be high quality steel security door.
• Heating system infrastructure pipes will be installed according to the underfloor heating
• All cables to be used in the electrical installation shall be TSE approved and HES brand.
• All the windows of the building will be colored PVC. The windows will be 4 + 16 + 4 double
glazing. All windows will have electric motorized automatic shutters.
• The outer walls of the building will be sheathed with 4 cm EPS for thermal insulation. It will
be painted with silicone exterior wall paint.
• All balconies will be made of aluminum and 6 m tempered glass, 1 m high balcony railing.
• Facade decoration will be done on the facade of the villa.
• All interior walls and ceilings will be painted with satin paint over 2 cm rough plaster.
• Roomswill be decorated with hidden led illuminated suspended ceiling.
• Floor and flooring of the halls and rooms will be scratch-resistant top quality laminate
• Bathroom walls will be covered with tiles until ceiling and shower cabin and jaquzi will be
• All interior doors are lacquered painted wood veneer door.
• Waterproofing will be done in wet areas such as batrooms , balconies and in swimming pool.
• Kitchen cabinets will be made of high density MDF material and covers shall be lacquered
cover. Workbenches shall be made of 1st class granite material.
• The kitchen will be fitted with a built-in cooker hood,owen and cooker.
• Air conditioning system infrastructure will be installed in all rooms, air-cons are optional .
• The villa will have a car park in the garden with a automatic garage door.