Location and Area

Location And Area

75 km from Antalya. 4 km from Manavgat. away from the Side, about 400 m. width and 1 km. length is a peninsular. "Side" name in the language of Anatolia "Pomegranate" means. This feature and the information contained herein is obtained from some inscriptions Side of history shows that dates back to the Hittites. However, one of the oldest settlements in Anatolia Side, which is also said to be set up before İ.Ö.VI century. In Anatolia dates Side, has undergone the same stage with the other Pamphylia cities.

BC, Greeks VII century. During the migrations came to Side . According to the inscriptions, BC III century BC , they spoke a language unique to the city until . Still can not be solved exactly this language Indo- European language. Side BC VI of the Lydians in the first half of the century , BC Persians in 547-546 's sovereignty has entered into. Persian thriving city management . BC 334 ' olunmuştur.iskend surrendered to Alexander ' s death, then Antigonos ( 323-304 ) . Ptolemies ( 301-215 ) . BC Syria after 215 of the Kingdom came under the control of . BC II century . Thanks to the powerful merchant fleet of the Ptolemies, the most brilliant period of war and living in the city , at this time, development has been turned into a science and cultural center . BC By the Peace of the Kingdom of Pergamon in 188 Apameia left Side, has maintained its independence with Eastern Pamphylia region , with large commercial fleet has gained prosperity and wealth . BC After 78 , the city in the Roman empire , AD II. And III. century was the commercial center of the region .

Especially on slave trade was a period rich and bright . II. It was a scientific and cultural center for centuries . VII of the king of Syria . Antiochus was trained here before the throne . When the king ( 138 BC ) took the name '' '' Sidetes . This circuit including the first Athena and Apollo, Aphrodite, Ares , Asclepius , to HEGENER , Kharitan the Demeter, Dionysus , Hermes, and believe in many gods are worshiped Side'li AD In the 4th century began to christianise . Side AD V. century Pamphylia Metropolis ( Bishopric) when the 5th and 6 century has lived heyday . This development VII. IX. Among century ended with the Arab invasion . During the excavations, a great fire and earthquake traces were numerous . Arab invasions, natural disasters have led to the abandonment of the city . Xıı.yy ' the Arab geographer Idrisi this show as a dead city, and is defined as '' burnt '' Antalya . Side in 1150 , according to Idrisi right people have migrated from the city , xıı.yy ' Si was completely evacuated . 13th century by the Seljuks in 14th century came under the rule of Hamitoğulları and Tekelioğulları Side settlement has not been in this period . 15 It is precisely century Turkish territory . However, neither the Ottomans nor the Seljuks lived in Side , on the peninsula , belonging to the Seljuk and Ottoman periods not exist. In 1895, a village is established to the end of the peninsula from Crete immigrants were settled here .

Forming the nucleus of today's village once a small village with its peculiar architecture of the entire peninsula kaplamıştır.antik structure , the coexistence of village houses later " Selimiye" name space has played a major role in opening up to tourism Side . Side is a city bearing the traces of history .